Frost-free hose bib for outdoor leaks

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May 14, 2021

Dear Ron,

My outdoor hose spigot has been leaking all summer. Not only has my water bill been astronomical, but the water is causing a hole in the lawn and a stain on the side of my home. To make matters worse I went in my finished basement to shut the water off for the season and noticed the leak was inside as well and my drywall is moldy. What are your recommendations for replacement, I have heard about a frost-free option is it worth the extra money?

Thank you – Under water in Lynnfield

Dear Under water,

It’s hose-bib season! I get a lot of calls for this at this time of the year. Living in New England, below freezing temperatures are not uncommon in the winter and make your pipes susceptible to being frozen causing splits and leaks. The danger of this, as you have found out is a leak can go undetected for too long.

A frost-free hose bib is your best option. This unit will prevent these unfortunate mishaps from occurring in the future. Frost free hose bibs come in lengths from 6 – 14 inches long and the washer that shuts the water off at the end of the valve far enough inside the home that water cannot freeze inside the pipes. The cost of the frost-free hose bib is worth it and not much more expensive than a regular hose bib. It is reasonably priced considering there is more plumbing involved. However, if you compare the cost of the frost-free hose bib to repairs caused by a leak, including mold remediation, it is truly worth it.

Thanks for the question! ~Ron


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