On-demand tank-less water heater in the apartment

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May 14, 2021
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May 14, 2021

From Tank-less,

The 40 gallon gas fired hot water heater in my condo is on its last leg and I am thinking of replacing it with an on-demand tank-less water heater. I would also like to move the unit from the basement into my condo in a second floor closet.

I do have a question however. Do I need to install a safe waste pan under this type of unit?

The first thing you should know is a safe waste pan only needs to be installed if the water heater or storage tank is located above an occupied space. Secondly, if the on-demand tank-less water heater has a capacity of 6 gallons or more, you will need a waste pan, if the capacity is less than 6 gallons no waste pan is required.

Your thinking is correct, an on demand, tank-less hot water heater, especially right in your own condo unit is definitely the way to go. Thank you for writing in, Ron.


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