Tankless On-demand System

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May 14, 2021

From On demand,

I just bought a single-family house with a very old and inefficient heat and hot water system. I plan on replacing it before the winter and have been looking at all the new options out there. Everyone I talk to tells me I should consider a “Tankless On-demand System” that heats the house and supplies hot water as well. What can you tell me about this type of system and is it a good investment for the cost?

First, what is your fuel source, oil or gas? If you have natural gas you will be fine, if you have oil you can eliminate the oil tank and all oil-fired equipment and go with propane. On demand “Tankless Systems” burn much cleaner, operate much more efficiently and are wall mounted taking up far less space than an older traditional system with a boiler. I won’t get into suggesting a specific brand, but there are some manufacturers offering rebates as well.

Another benefit of going with a Tankless On-demand system is you will no longer need your chimney for heat and hot water. You can gain some serious space in your house should you decide to eliminate the chimney and you will no longer have chimney maintenance issues.

When given the opportunity, we find more and more people are going with a “Tankless On-demand System” for all the reasons I have just listed.

Good luck with your choice and thank you for question, Ron.


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