You need new electrical service? You have old service and need an upgrade? You just need a few new outlets? CRN Plumbing has electrical support for all of your needs.

CRN can upgrade your outdated panel, install new switches and outlets or troubleshoot any electrical issues you may be experiencing.

Electrical services we provide are:

Generators: New England winters are unpredictable, we can install a generator in your home so you will not have to experience another power outage.

Surge protectors: Whole house surge protectors can protect all your electrical appliances from electrical surges.

Electrical panel: Having an electrical panel that is in good working condition keeps the electrical usage patterns running properly.

Knob & tube replacement: Considering having your obsolete knob and tube wiring updated.

Circuits, switches and outlets: We can send a qualified electrician out to repair or replace any of the wiring in your home.

Smoke & CO detectors: Have your smoke and CO detectors installed by CRN to ensure proper installation and your safety.


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